See New Ford Mustang Handling Features

The 2019 Ford Mustang has received some of the highest praise for its engine lineup. However, there’s more that goes into the performance of a vehicle. Mustang lovers noted how well the new models drive. They’re superior to anything that Mustang has done in the past. The latest vehicles shift smoothly and take corners with ease. It’s no wonder that critics have rated the Mustang one of the best sports cars on the road right now.

There are a number of options with the latest Mustang. While the standard versions include a rear-wheel drive train and standard suspension, you can upgrade a V8 engine and a performance package. This comes with five driving modes including track, drag strip, normal, sport plus, and sport/wet options. Basically, you can customize your drive to be whatever you want.

It’s time to get the full performance experience with a new Mustang. Your model is ready to be driven at Jack Kain Ford. Take a spin around Versailles, KY today!

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