What is the MyMode system in the Mustang?

How often have you climbed into your car to find that someone else has disturbed your settings? Until now there was nothing you could do but take your time and correct your settings. MyMode changes all of that and returns your settings to the settings you have spent so long finding.

The Ford Mustang is a car with an unmistakable “feel.” That feel is different for everyone. In the 2018 Ford Mustang, the car has a memory that returns settings to those preferred by the driver of the moment. Your power seat settings, digital readouts, suspension adjustments, and the sound of your exhaust are all locked in memory. As soon as you enter the vehicle using your key, the Mustang makes adjustments back to your preferences.

See how you can adjust the settings of your Mustang when you visit us at Jack Kain Ford Inc.

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