5 Sales Tactics To Avoid

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1) Inflated Online MSRP Price

Some dealers artificially mark up the MSRP to give the appearance of a larger discount.  This is a common trick to confuse customers.

2) Advertising Rebates Not Every Consumer Will Qualify for

Some dealers take all the potential rebates (i.e. Military, College Graduate, Student Discounts etc.) and subtract them from the MSRP.  No one person could qualify for every offered discount so the price they are advertising isn't real,  but an attempt to get you to think you are getting that price.  

3) Excessive Fees

Make sure all fees are spelled out plainly in advance and appear reasonable. Look for these: Vehicle or dealer preparation fees, Documentation fees, Dealer installed accessories and extended warranties, Floor Plan Fees, Administrative Fees. If these don't look right to you, speak up about them. Ask your sales consultant and Finance Manager for a thorough explanation.


Don't ever let a dealer pressure you into buying a vehicle.  There is an underlying reason they are trying to pressure you into a hasty decision.

5) Dealers who focus on monthly payment & not price

If the consumer is only focused on the monthly payment, the dealer can adjust the purchase price, interest, terms of financing and trade allowance to get you the exact monthly payment you're looking for.  The problem is you'll get ripped off.  It's easy for a dealer to get you practically any monthly payment you want -- all they have to do is extend the car loan or low-ball you on the trade in, or any number of other tricks.

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