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Our TV Show
Watch The Bob & Dave Used Car Show  every Fri at 1:05am on WTVQ(ABC) Mon-Fri 8-8:30AM on WDKY (FOX 56) Sat 12:30-1pm on WTVQ (ABC 36) & Sun 10:30-11am on WDKY (Fox 56). Bob & Dave filmed their 600th show on March 25th this year, and are looking forward to six hundred more!
Our Radio Show
The Bob & Dave Show is broadcast on WJMM 99.1 FM every Friday at 11:00 AM. Tune in and listen for great news, discussions and conversation!

Car Talk Experts
Listen to Bob & Dave onAM  590 WVLK-AM every other Thursday from 3:35-3:50pm as they discuss the latest car trends across America.
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