Off-road environments have solid, bumpy, slippery, and broken terrains. In order to pull cargo effectively on the toughest terrain, a truck must have a solid drive train and an efficient suspension system. The Ford F-150 has these features and other options for the harshest conditions in off-road areas.

There are common drive modes that perform well in off-road locations. When power is needed, a four-wheel drive train works well because every tire gets even speed and torque. In some cases, less power produces the best results. This is why many trucks have a two-wheel drive system. A two-wheel setup only spins the front or back wheels. If you buy an F-150, you won't have to pick one of these drive trains because both options are included. You can switch modes from the cabin using an electronic-shift-on-the-fly system.

Jack Kain Ford Inc. is a professional automotive dealership in Versailles. We have a variety of F-150 trucks with standard off-road features, and they're available for a quick test drive.



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