The 3.5-Liter EcoBoost Motor Gives You Turbocharged Power

Many cars feature engines that are naturally aspirated. These naturally aspirated motors use unpressurized and unprocessed air for combustion purposes, but they leave a lot of potential power on the table in the process. The 2018 Ford Taurus sedan includes specialized turbochargers in its engine aspiration system, and the result is improvements in gas mileage and power production.

The 2018 Taurus turbocharger works by taking in outside air and then using energy from the motor to pressurize it. This pressurized air is then sent directly into the cylinders, where it mixes with fuel to provide greater than normal levels of power output.

While turbocharged power may sound good, it can feel even better from the driver's seat. As it so happens, we stock a number of 2018 Ford Taurus sedans at our location in the Versailles area. To feel the Taurus turbocharging difference, come by Jack Kain Ford Inc. today to take one for a complimentary test drive.




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