Ford EcoSport Technology Features

If you have been noticing that there are more Ford EcoSport models driving around Versailles than you've ever seen before, there's a pretty easy reason why this is becoming such a popular compact SUV. While the car can get people two and fro easily, it also comes packed with all kinds of tech features.

There is the Sync 3 system that allows you to quickly and easily connect to your iPhone so you can listen to your favorite podcasts and songs. You can also quickly and easily listen to audiobooks you've bought through iTunes.

If you're more of a radio person, the car also comes packed with Sirius XM satellite radio. This means that if you have a favorite sports program, you will be able to hear it even if you're traveling across the country. If this sounds like something you'd like to be able to see in your car, then you should stop into Jack Kain Ford Inc. and get a look up close.




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