Synthetic Oil Offers Engine Benefits

Synthetic oil uses advanced chemical technology to distill, purify and modify basic crude oil. Blend additives then offer the synthetic oil the ability to perform at a higher level than conventional motor oil. Synthetic oil provides the same benefits as conventional motor oil and improves on them for your Versailles, KY commute.

Synthetic oil resists picking up dirt and impurities, resulting in less engine sludge. Higher viscosity levels mean that engine parts experience less friction than conventional motor oil lubrication. Less evaporation and greater ability to flow easily mean synthetic oil also performs better than conventional in very cold or very hot temperatures.

Our car care service staff at Jack Kain Ford Inc. are happy to let you know more about the benefits of synthetic oil for your car. We are nearby in Versailles and carry a complete stock of synthetic and conventional motor oil for your car's oil needs.

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