See the New Ford Super Duty Perform Under Extreme Conditions

Thanks to this video, you now have a chance to see what actually goes into the making of Ford trucks like the new 2017 Ford Super Duty. The type of testing that these models go through is mind blowing. The purpose is to push the models to the limit to see just how much they can bear, and only those that succeed are released to consumer sales.

There are two main tests the new Super Duty must pass. The first is a test drive down an arduous course called the “Accelerated Durability Route.” The path is bumpy and covered in potholes to test the durability of components including shocks, struts, and suspension. The second is a test that exposes the truck to extreme temperature conditions, such as those found in desert- and tundra-based climates. The result of the tests prove this new Ford truck's true capabilities.

As you can see, Ford takes the construction of its vehicles seriously, and it's for this reason that they are considered one of the best automakers in the market. A Ford tough truck like the new Super Duty is no joke! So take the time to visit Jack Kain Ford Inc. to see it up-close today.

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