If Santa Drove a Ford, He'd Drive an F-250

It’s getting close to that time for the big man himself to start his flight around the world. He’s going to be cruisin’ in his vintage open-air 8-reindeer-powered sleigh with classic vinyl and loads of trunk space, but what if Santa traded it in? Well, it’s obvious that he’d drive nothing but a Ford F-250 Crew Cab 4x4.

First, the obvious reason would be the flat bed. Plenty of space for Santa to keep his sack full of toys! Then there’s the closed, warm crew cab, which means Mrs. Claus can ride shot-gun and he can bring along a couple of elves in the back (you know, to help improvise on those Ocean crossings), and thanks to the climate control and seat warmers, the cold midnight ride is incomparably more comfortable!

Now take that body and stack it on top of 20-inch aluminum wheels with all-terrain tires that are powered by a 6.7-liter Valve Power Stroke® Diesel V-8 engine with all-wheel drive and a TorqShift® 6-Speed Automatic Transmission. Yeah… just a LITTLE more power than eight tiny reindeer.

The one downside? Sleigh bells and reindeer paws are a LOT quieter than that diesel V-8!

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