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Meet Our Staff

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  • Mr. Jack Kain, Dealer Principal

    Lexington native Jack Kain knew long before purchasing his first dealership that he would spend his life working in the automotive industry. The son of a dairy farmer, Jack learned the true meaning of a "hard day's work" at a very young age, and although he appreciated and respected his father's line of work, he knew that it wasn't for him.

    While attending the University of Kentucky in 1947 Jack sold cars part time. It came to him easily, as his customers picked up on his honest approach and genuine concern for their satisfaction.  Those qualities would soon define Jack's reputation in his community, and after spending several years stationed in Alaska during the Korean War, Jack returned home with high ambitions.

    A DeSoto-Plymouth dealership in Frankfort, KY caught Jack's attention and he managed to acquire it in 1953. However, with two direct competitors in very close proximity to his business, it was difficult to turn a profit. The market was simply too small to support all three dealers, and as a result, they were losing money. So Jack decided to take a risk, and buy up his competitors. Doing so made him one of the original "six pack" dealers in the United States, which caught the attention of a rather special auto maker: Ford Motor Company. They wanted to start a Frankfort-based Ford franchise with him, and Jack saw the proposal as a great opportunity to grow his business and reach out to more of the customers that were so important to him.

    Versailles, KY became the new home for Jack Kain Ford in 1979, and it's remained there ever since. Of course, that didn't keep Jack from adapting and making plenty of changes to his business throughout the years. From 1979 through 1981 the dealership was actually located in downtown Versailles. But after a three year run in that location, Jack picked up everything and moved into a brand new building located off the bypass in Versailles. In 2003 Jack Kain opened a state-of-the-art facility in his current location and he works alongside four of his nine children, Bob, Vickie, Bill and Patrick every day. 

  • Bob Kain, General Manager

    Born into the "Baby Buster" generation, often called the MTV Generation or Gen X, Robert (Bob) Kain graduated from Lexington Catholic High School and earned his bachelor's degree from EKU in 1987 with a major in Police Administration. He served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves as a military policeman before receiving an honorable discharge in 1988. 

    It was a natural transition into the automotive business over 25 years ago, a business he was born into. He learned the ropes from the best, his father Jack Kain and today Bob manages a staff of over 50 employees at the Jack Kain Ford dealership in Versailles. 

    Bob serves as a trustee on the United Way of the Bluegrass Board of Directors, is the current Chairman of the Woodford County United Way Board, has given his time as a Big Brother and served on the Board of Directors for the Bluegrass Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization. He is a member of the Marine Corps League - Dan Daly Detachment for former Marines in the Bluegrass area. He is an active member of the National Automobile Dealers Association and the Kentucky Automobile Dealers Association. Bob has been married to Jan Kain for 21 years and they now reside in Midway, KY with four dogs. 

    When Bob isn't running his families 2014 Ford President's Award winning dealership he enjoys exercising and hiking and is an avid Kentucky Wildcat fan.

  • Vickie Kain Fister, Operations Director

    As the youngest daughter and middle child of the 9 Kain siblings, Vickie's introduction to the car business came after her graduation from Lexington Catholic High School.  Vickie worked at the dealership throughout that summer before going to college at Eastern Kentucky University where she earned a degree in Juvenile Corrections. After spending 11 years working within the court system at Fayette District and Circuit Courts, Vickie went to work building Camry's at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Georgetown, KY to help support her family while her husband went back to college to earn his Accounting Degree.  After 11 years on the line at Toyota, Vickie suffered a neck injury and had to leave a job she loved to take a sales position within the family business.  After graduating from the Dealer Candidate Academy at the National Automobile Dealers Association in 2003, Vickie took a more active role in the management of the dealership. Currently she is the Operations Manager.

    Vickie and her husband Dan were married in 1978 and they have 2 sons that they are very proud of and 1 granddaughter that is the center of their universe. She has served on many Boards and Committees for organizations that range from the Woodford County Chamber of Commerce to her local church in an effort to help our community. While she has many charitable interests, she champions for organ donation and the unborn at every opportunity. At the end of the day, Vickie enjoys working in her flower garden and watching the sunset from her front porch. 

  • Patrick Kain, Sales Consultant

    Pat was born in Lexington the 4th of nine children. He jokes that on the first day of his life he solved a Rubik's cube in less than a minute and from there went on to find a cure for diarrhea by his 3rd birthday. It's been all uphill from there.

    Married to Mary, Pat has 2 children, Alex and Ellie. They live in Midway and attend church at Central Church of God in Georgetown, KY. Pat started at Jack Kain Ford when he was 12 years old, washing cars and cleaning the shop.  He learned to work on cars and overhaul engine's and carburetor's, did tune up's and brake jobs as a teenager.  He worked his way through the Parts Department and the Body Shop and was a Service Writer until the dealership moved to Versailles in 1979. He spent 2 years as Service Manager before he finally settled into sales in 1981.

    Along the way Pat ran his own car wash/detailing business and installed aftermarket radio's. He credit's the car business for allowing him to meet a lot of great and interesting people along the way, many of who he remains friends with today. He enjoys golf, hiking and hopes to one day get back to more fishing and hunting that he enjoyed as a youngster.

  • David Griffith, General Sales Manager

    A lifelong Kentucky resident and avid UK Basketball fan, David got his start in the automobile business in 1988 selling New Fords in Berea, KY, and worked there until the spring of 2003 when he joined the Jack Kain Ford Team as our New Car Sales Manager.  Since then, he has served in almost every position in the sales department including F&I Manager and Used Car Sales Manager, and has been our General Sales Manager since 2008.  David resides right here in Versailles and is married to our Title Clerk, Lee Griffith.  

    David is the proud father of two sons, Tyler & Matt, both of whom have served our country in the United States Marine Corps, and daughter Jennifer who resides in Paducah, and he is a beaming grandfather of five wonderful grandchildren.  You can catch him on the long running "Bob & Dave Show" on FOX 56 or ABC 36 every weekend with our General Manager Bob Kain, or you can listen them on the live call-in "Bob and Dave Radio Show" on WJMM 99.1 FM Christian Radio every Friday from 11:00am to 12:00pm for lighthearted and refreshing commentary and trivia.  Or better yet, come by the dealership, you will spot him right in the middle of our showroom, probably singing a song, and doing what he does best - helping our customers make their visit a great experience!

  • Bill Kain, Internet Sales Manager

    Growing up watching westerns Bill was drawn to the world of horses and began to look for opportunities within that business as soon as he was able to work.

    Taking his first "real" job, away from the family dealership, at age 20 as a groom on a Woodford County thoroughbred farm. He learned everything he could about the breeding, raising and training of racehorses, and the management of pastures. Eventually hanging his own shingle on the family farm at Ducker Station in the early 90's. Meeting a multitude of fantastic people and enjoying life in the great outdoors.

    Bill met and married his wife Lynne in 1996 and after a few years of wedded bliss, had the first of two sons, Graham, in the spring of 1999 followed shortly thereafter by Lee in the fall of 2000. With two hungry and growing boys in diapers and looking at a lifetime of mounting expenses, Bill took an inventory of the horses he had tied his fortunes to, and began to have doubts about those animals ability to pay for the life he wanted for his family.

    Bill came back on board with Jack Kain Ford with the grand opening of the current dealership in 2003. He is thoroughly enjoying every aspect of life at the family dealership. Providing transportation and service to so many excellent customers has been a tremendous way of life for him and his family. Working closely with two brothers and his sister, with the guidance and experience of a wonderful father is a real blessing, and not one that Bill takes for granted. It often surprises people to learn how well these siblings work together and truly enjoy their time at the office. A true testament to the great parenting and the lessons of respect and courtesy they have received from Mr. Kain.

  • Matt McCall, Used Car Manager

    Matt McCall is a native of Woodford County, born and raised here. He graduated from Woodford County High School and has been in the automotive industry since shortly after graduation. A longtime Sales Associate with Jack Kain Ford, over 11 years, he's a Ford Motor Company and Jack Kain Ford multiple award winner. When Matt's not handling customer needs at the dealership he enjoys playing golf and shooting pool, but above all Matt like spending his free time with people he cares about.  

  • Mark Morford, Finance Manager

  • Donna Sturgeon, Marketing/Advertising Manager

    Donna Sturgeon grew up in Lexington, KY the child of a JIF peanut butter maker. Having flunked flutophone in 3rd grade her parents figured creative jobs weren't going to be her thing. Turns out math wasn't her thing either so everyone was surprised when Donna landed in the marketing & advertising field after college (UK), which means she has to be creative and use math. Donna did an 11 year stint selling television advertising and she's bought all forms of media while working on the ad agency side of life, spending the last 20+ years in the media world.

    She has worked as a Publicist to the Kentucky film business, recently working on films such as The Sixthman: Blue Sanity, a film documenting Kentucky basketball fans and the lengths they will go to for their Cats, IMPACT: After the Crash, a documentary released on the 25-Year Anniversary date of the Carrollton bus crash, still the nation's worst drunk driving accident.  As their Publicist it was her job to bring attention to the projects from local, regional and national broadcast, print and social media outlets.

    Donna is a fundraiser and longtime member of the Woodford Humane Society Board of Directors, she is an advocate for fundraising for re-trainers and shelters of unwanted/homeless horses. She co-founded Derby Eve Lexington (www.derbyevelex.com) who held their first Derby Eve party May 1, 2015 at Saxony Farm. 

    Donna lives in Mercer County with her husband, many dogs, kitties and wildlife.

  • Trevor Bryan, Quick Lane Manager

    Formerly known as Superman (he wears the big S under his work clothes) Trevor Bryan has been our Quick Lane Manager for 5 years. A native of Mercer County, KY Trevor is newly married to Megan and the father of 2 precious girls. Jack Kain Ford is the 3rd dealership he has worked for, by far his favorite, and he says he's not just saying that.  His favorite color is blue, conveniently the same color that represents the Ford brand so you could say that Trevor has found the right work family for him and our customers are all the better for it.

  • Chris Norris, Service Manager

  • Vitaliy Voznyok, Parts Dept. Manager

  • LuAnn Campbell, Internet Sales Consultant

    LuAnn Campbell grew up in Versailles and graduated from Woodford County High School. She graduated from EKU with a Bachelor's in Arts & Anthropology. She's been an EMT, worked at the University of Kentucky in the ER and Labor & Delivery. She continued her work experience with the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government in Community Corrections as a Corrections Officer.

    LuAnn started at Jack Kain Ford as an evening receptionist and came back most recently as an Internet Sales Associate earlier this year. She says she enjoys working for a locally owned family business and helping the community of Versailles grow.

    LuAnn's hobbies are family time, drawing, organizing spaces and watching horror/psychological movies. In additional she volunteers every year as Security Chairperson for the largest paranormal and horror convention at Rupp Arena, Scarefest which is in its 8th year.

  • Patrick Proffitt, Internet Sales Consultant

    Patrick grew up all over the U.S. and Germany as the son of a U.S. Army Colonel.  Even though his family moved often they always considered Kentucky home.  He graduated from UK in 2005 with a Bachelor of Business Administration/ Marketing.  After graduation he worked as an event manager for a Navy fitness event.  After three years of working closely with members of the U.S. Navy and Navy SEALS, Patrick chose to go back to school to pursue a teaching degree. In 2010, Patrick graduated from EKU with a Master of Arts in Teaching.  For the next five years he taught business and technology in schools around central Kentucky.

    Patrick is an active participant in the Georgetown Community Singers which performs 2 concerts every year as well as national anthems at Legends, and Scott County High School athletic events. He is also active in the Northside Christian Church choir and worship team.  Patrick likes to play soccer and golf during the warmer months.  Once the snow sticks to the ground he likes to spend his free time skiing.

    Patrick and his wife Jessica live in Georgetown and have a daughter, Annaleigh.

  • Bradd Gray, Sales Consultant

    Bradd with two d's grew up in Middletown, NY and entered the US Army out of high school in 1977. After 4 years he didn't re-enlist but opted to take a position as District Manager for Par Gas in Hamburg, NJ. While there he enjoyed his time snow skiing at the Playboy Club and in order to ski for free, he volunteered his time on the Ski Patrol, looking out for wayward skiers.

    Bradd moved to San Diego in 1988 and took his first car job at Rancho Old, Saab & Lotus, achieving certifications for Saab & Lotus that allowed him to be the only sales associate there that could sell the Saab & Lotus brands. His second job in the automotive industry was for Meister Ford in Poway, CA, also his first foray at selling Fords, he sold over 30 cars in a single month during his tenure there and he's been hooked on Ford ever since. Bradd worked 17.5 years for Pearson Ford in San Diego as Sales Associate, Fleet Manager, Fleet Director and finally New & Used Car Manager before coming to Kentucky to open a flower business with his sister. When he arrived his sister had cold feet about flowers so he decided to re-enter the automotive business and has been at Jack Kain Ford since 2010.

    Bradd has a 21 year old daughter Marie who is currently attending Grand Canyon University in Scottsdale, AZ. When not working here Bradd enjoys hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles and cooking for family & friends.

  • Mike Flaugher, Sales Consultant

    Mike Flaugher was a basketball player at Fleming County High School. After graduation Mike studied at KY Business College and entered the United States Air Force for 5 years. He moved to Lexington in 1987 and has been married to Teresa Flaugher since 1988. Daughter Mikala was born sixteen years ago and Mike and Teresa spend most of their free time traveling with Mikala for her swim team meets.

    Success, from Mikala and swimming to Mike selling cars is a family trait. Mike is a frequent flier on the Sales Associate of the Month board, he's been named Sales Associate of the Year SEVEN times since his start here in 2005 and Employee of the Year twice, most recently Sales Associate AND Employee of the Year in 2014. He swept the titles. Mike's customers love him and his co-workers love him, which is the optimum achievement in Ford's eyes. After all, they created the Live. Love. Drive. campaign. Which could be Mike Flaugher's slogan…if he had one.

  • Dale Stubblefield, Sales Consultant

    Nathan Dale Stubblefield had a choice to make, play golf professionally alongside the greats or sell cars for Jack Kain Ford. Guess what he chose? That's right, selling cars for Jack Kain, one of the greats in this business. All kidding aside, "Dale" as he likes to be called was part of a very successful golf team at Model Lab High School in Richmond and played golf for EKU while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in the early 90's. He's worked at Jack Kain Ford for almost 9 years and says he loves his job because he works for a dealership with class. He follows Mr. Kain's motto of keeping customers satisfied which keeps them coming back for years. 

    When Dale isn't at work he likes to work out, play tennis and go fishing. Family time is very important and the more time he gets to spend with family the better, while watching Kentucky basketball or not. After all, Dale thinks the Kentucky Wildcats are supposed to win the Championship every year and he's right there willing them on through every win.

  • Bill Edwards, Sales Consultant

    Bill Edwards is a Harrodsburg, KY native and a graduate of EKU with a degree in Finance. Prior to arriving at Jack Kain Ford in August 2012 Bill owned Edwards Insurance Agency in Harrodsburg and did a stint with Old Colony Insurance as Claims Manager.  Bill is kind of a quiet guy, not something you run across every day in car sales but his quiet nature is a compliment to the Jack Kain Ford sales floor.

    Bill has one son named Taylor and really enjoyed coaching Little League baseball for 12 years. Bill coached the Harrodsburg Middle School basketball team and when he has time he gets out on the links for a round of golf. 

  • Phil Petit, Sales Consultant

    Phil is a Lexington native who attended Lafayette High School and UK. His first real job was working as a dental lab technician making crown & bridge work. After realizing he was too much of a people person to be in a laboratory all day, and because he had a passion for being around automobiles he decided to give car sales a try.  Since that time Phil has sold and managed in dealerships in the Lexington area.

    Married 32 years he has two wonderful sons and 2 grandchildren he is crazy about. Phil enjoys being at the pool or lake, being with family & friends playing golf, watching movies & sports and in general just wants to have fun in whatever he does.

    Phil really enjoys working at Jack Kain Ford and he came here because of the atmosphere and the dealerships impeccable reputation.

  • Chad Atkins, Sales Consultant

    Chad Atkins originally from Houston, Texas and a graduate of Park View Baptist High School with honors now resides in Garrard County, Kentucky (Lawrenceburg).  His first job was selling surveillance cameras to local residential and business customers right out of school. After following in his father's footsteps and closely listening and watching dad he figured his calling in life "sales" . Married to his high school sweetheart for 20 years Chad has 2 wonderful daughters he is very proud of. Chad now has over 20+ years of sales and customer service experience, saying he has really enjoyed the many years of customer's he has served.

  • Tom Sumner, Sales Consultant

    Tom was born in Lexington, graduated from Lafayette High School.  Upon graduation he joined the Marine Corps at 18 years of age. Stationed at Pearl Harbor Hawaii Tom was a part of the security for the Fleet Intelligence Center of the Pacific as well as guarding Pearl Harbor itself.  After the Marine Corps he entered the University of Kentucky as a Psychology Major to continue his studies undertaken at the University of Hawaii at Chaminade.  After a couple of years he moved to Atlanta, Georgia and lived there for 2 years.   After Atlanta Tom moved back to Lexington and began work as a millwright/electrical mechanic for 5 years when he decided to go back to school at UK.  After another year and a  half at school he decided to move to New York City.  Tom decided to get into Real Estate in Manhattan and enjoyed it a little over a year before he was talked into entering the Retail Automotive industry with Toyota.  He spent 5 years selling Toyota's as a salesperson and a Finance Manager before being offered a position as a General Sales Manager with BMW, eventually becoming a General Manager with a large automotive group in central and northern New Jersey.  After 20 plus years in the New York city metro area Tom decided to move back to Lexington.  

    Tom has 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl.  His oldest graduated from EKU and his next oldest is in Oswego, New York completing his 2nd year of college. Tom's daughter is going to Florida State in the fall of 2017.  The youngest son is attending Glendover Elementary in Lexington.  

    Tom is happily married to his wife who hails from Santiago Chile.  They are both happy to be back in Kentucky!

  • Pat Crowley, Commercial Sales Consultant

    Patrick Crowley grew up in Lexington and gained his appreciation of thoroughbred horses from working on a thoroughbred farm as a youngster.  Not wanting to be far from the farm he crafted a lifelong career in the Commercial/Fleet Sales business in Lexington and has worked for Jack Kain Ford since 2003.  Pat enjoys the ever changing business of Fleet Sales, the wide variety of customers and the challenges of the up fit.

    On his off time Pat enjoys boating and socializing at the lake, horse sales and of course the racetrack.

  • James Holt, Service Advisor

  • Robbie Cotney, Service Advisor

  • Lori Russell, Warranty/Service Cashier

    "Run the World (Girls)" is a song recorded by American recording artist Beyoncé, and it might as well be Lori Russell's theme song. Warranty Administrator/Service Department Cashier Lori Russell helps the Service Manager maintain a smooth running and on schedule Service Department while dealing with many moving parts and people.

    Born and raised in Louisville she's been married for 18+ years, has 4 children and made Lexington her home base 8 years ago and loves it. In addition to her human family Lori is mom to 2 cats and 3 dogs, most recently adding puppy John Henry to the mix. She LOVES her Ford Flex, so much so she named it FiFi.

    Lori must have majored in patience and organization because her 4 years at Jack Kain Ford have been great, and she looks forward to coming to work each day. Lori makes the Kain Ford experience fun and easy by always smiling and making those around her laugh. She loves helping customers get what they need for their vehicles so they can have a great day.

  • George Lay, Technician

  • Taras Romanivko, Technician

  • Aaron Harlow, Technician

  • John Pressor, Technician

  • Thomas Meador, Technician

  • Derek Williams, Technician

  • Anthony Slone, Technician

  • Diogo Deazevedo, Quick Lane Tech/Advisor

  • Dennis Curry, Quick Lane Technician

  • Wayne Sheffield, Quick Lane Technician

  • Ricky Foley, Quick Lane Technician

  • Johnny Asch, Quick Lane Tech

  • Nate Milby, Quick Lane Technician

  • Sheena Southworth, Detail Manager

  • Andrey Voznyuk, Parts Counterperson

  • Jim Hayes, Parts Delivery

  • Rita Jones, Controller

    She was born a coal miner's daughter in Harlan, KY. No she doesn't know Loretta Lynn but their starts were similar. Longtime Jack Kain Ford Controller Rita Jones enjoys playing the banjo & guitar and played for years in both Bluegrass and Southern Gospel bands. As a youngster Rita left the mountains for Danville, KY and the comfort of her grandmother's Christian bookstore which led her to own and operate her own Christian bookstore in Indiana. After moving to Kentucky Rita married Tom Jones (no, not that Tom Jones) and they blended their family to include 5 children, 13 grandchildren (+steps) and 2 great grandchildren.

    Rita is the catalyst behind the Jack Kain Ford Military Support Cause and began collecting donations from employees and the dealership in 2004 to ship wish list items and necessities to one Kentucky National Guard troop stationed overseas each year.  She does most of the shopping, packing and shipping of the items each month and at Christmas she recruits others to help pack boxes and gift wrap individual gifts from Santa to the troop, no matter the troop size.

    An animal lover all her life, Rita and Tom currently have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 1 sugar glider.

  • Jeff Hoechst, Accounting Clerk

    Oh jeez, those Minnesoootans with their butter-thick accent filled with never-ending vowels. Jeff Hoechst was born and raised in South Central Minnesota and while he's been in Kentucky since 1996, we still catch him stretching out his words, especially the word MINI-SO-tuh. In the automotive business for 39 years as a Service Advisor, Service Manager, Parts Manager, Body Shop Manager and Warranty Administrator/Dispatcher, Jeff went back to school and received his Associate degree from Normandale Community College in 1995, and a Bachelor of Accounting in 2012. 

    With the new degrees he began to transition into the Accounting & Human Resources side of the automotive industry. As a bonus to Jack Kain Ford Jeff has become our IT coordinator when our computers go crazy. "Hey Jeff, help me with my computer" is heard on a daily basis around these parts.

    An avid fan of being a grandpa, Jeff enjoys his down time with his daughters and 13 grandchildren. Yes 13. You betcha!

  • Lee Griffith, Title Clerk

    As the Title Clerk since May 2011, Lee takes great pride in making sure customer's needs are met in the areas of Title and Registration for their vehicles.  Her education includes a Bachelor of Science and an Associate of Science from EKU. Prior to becoming a Jack Kain Ford team member, Lee worked closely with families, children and other professionals in the field of Child & Family Studies for more than 18 years where she developed the communication and attention to detail skills she uses in her complete enjoyment of her responsibilities at Jack Kain Ford.

  • Mary Lou McEntyre, Weekday Receptionist

    Mary Lou Miller McEntyre was born and raised in the city known for the Studebaker car, South Bend, Indiana. She even received a pre-owned Studebaker in the fifties as a graduation present from her parents. After graduation she joined the US Navy, becoming a WAVE stationed in Corpus Christi, Texas. Airman 3rd class Miller was a Central Tower Operator. (After WWII Navy women carved out work as air navigators, plotting out routes for planes; as air traffic controllers and aircraft mechanics; in communications, intelligence, science, and technology; and in naval law courts of the Judge Advocate General Corps.)

    Mary Lou met fellow Navy Seaman Ray McEntyre while stationed in Corpus Christi and they were married November 11, 1961. Still together Mary Lou and Ray have 3 grown children, Rae, James & Patricia and they work together every day at Jack Kain Ford.

    Mary Lou came to Jack Kain Ford as a fill-in receptionist in the year 2000, later becoming part-time an in 2005 she went full-time and hasn't looked back since. Next time you call Jack Kain Ford and hear that sweet voice thanking you for calling that's Mary Lou!

  • Christopher Woodside, Evening Receptionist

    Born and raised right here in Woodford County and his family being longtime Jack Kain Ford customers, Chris grew up knowing how great the Kain family was. But he never thought that one day he'd actually work here and feel like he is part of the family. 

    A 2004 graduate of Woodford County High School he started working for Jack Kain Ford in January 2005 as a part-time evening receptionist and later moved to the detail department.  In October 2008 he left to start a career in banking.  After 5 years in banking he started working for the Dept for Community Based Services. As of June 2016 he fond himself back here at Jack Kain Ford as the part-time evening receptionist and loving every minute of it.

    He just celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary and he's a proud doggy dad to 5 dogs.  Two golden doodles named Corona and Coco; two standard poodles named Callie and Bella (which are rescues from the Woodford County Humane Society) and a cockapoo named Sadie.  Needless to say, its never a dull moment in his household.

    In his spare time Chris enjoys spending time with family, antiquing and traveling. A favorite place to visit is the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, he's been there so many times his friends and family joke that he must have been a Vanderbilt in a previous life because of his love for the place.